Feng Shui is the New Black

Okay so the title is misleading. There is no new black. How could anything ever replace such a significant color?! Regardless, feng shui is in again. I’m not sure if it ever went out, but I haven’t heard talk of it in way too long. I have finally left my parent’s house…it was tough but it had to be done, right? I am back in my college house and I needed a little change! And by little, I mean little. My generous roommate and I moved my bed 90 degrees. It was not an easy task! Lots of starategic and planning had to be done, but we did it! Too much change is scary! I am starting slow and I already feel so different. Now the negative energy is gone and I only have space for good vibes!

I now get to wake up with a fresh outlook on life. Perfect for the first day of classes!

I know it’s a short post today, so now you have more time in your day to get out and make your own changes in your life! No excuses!



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