Throwback Thursday

Throw Back Thursday! It’s a huge deal on Istagram. Most of the people I follow post photos of good times they had either a few days, weeks, months or years ago. I usually post cool ’90s pictures of my sisters and I. They always make me happy!

I am a girl of today, the present, now, and the future. However, today I am going to be talking about the past.

“When the past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to say.”


Well, as far as fashion goes this is SO wrong!!!

Fashion recycles itself like crazy! We’ve all witnessed it. Floral? I mean, you don’t really think they just came up with that idea for Spring right? That was around when my grandmother was young!

To prove it, I will show you a list of trends that have come back and will keep coming back.

1. Skinny Jeans. They were around wayy before my time and now here they are again! I don’t think I own any real flared pants at the moment. But I always don’t wear real denim. I am a jegging/legging kind of girl.


2. Lace. Maybe they wore slightly different in the Victorian Era but it was around.

il_fullxfull.148152597  1930s-fashion-lace-dress-vintage

3. Floral. Remember my mom’s floral dress from Mother’s Day 1998?! It was stylish then and SPOILER ALERT it will be in for this spring too! I already know Lilly is coming out with gorgeous floral prints! You should definitely be on the lookout! And for a throwback, here’s me in my 1990s floral dress!

IMG_2979  photo 3-24

4. Riding boots. Like me, George Washington wore riding boots. I like to wear mine in time of peace while he liked to wear his in time of war. I think they were Frye! (just kidding!)


5. Corsets. Keira Knightley wore corset dresses in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Corset tops are the style right now. They aren’t as painful as Keira’s experiences! I think a nice floral (another throwback!) corset looks good with a pair of jeans and a cardigan or even a maxi or hi-low skirt!

pirates-of-the-caribbean-keira-knightly-cleavage-240sd03222010      elizabeth-swann-and-elizabeth-swann-corset-gallery


The moral of the post is not to ever feel like you need to completely delete your past. When I was little I wore floral dresses and leggings and headbands with bows on them. It doesn’t sound so weird, does it?! Things come back around! I definitely will be keeping my favorite pieces of the seasons. You never know when they come back!

CAUTION: this does not allow you to keep every piece of clothing you’ve ever bought. Maybe that sweater will come back…but do you really need it to come back in every color?

Here’s a Throwback Thursday photo for those of you who don’t have or don’t follow me on Instagram. My sisters and I being our usual stylish selves!

photo 1-32

And remember…


….in fashion!!!!


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