Minty Fresh

When I went to the mall the other day I was pleasantly surprised to see all the mint in the store windows! I predicted it would be a true in-color for this season and I am so excited to be right! I also know white/cream/blush are going to be in this season which is the perfect compliment to mint! The color is light enough to go with exciting prints (like Lilly) without looking too busy but fun enough to be your pop of color in a sea of neutrals!

265993921712121209_GabCkR95_c  44473115042207715_vEB9XZXr_c  257057091201328620_nh7ifzad_c  55591376621905055_BCBG1MqX_c

I love mint jeans! My big got a pair last year and they just always look so pretty! She can literally wear them with anything even just a plain shirt and it’s instantly fashionable.


I love the softness yet boldness of the color. I just love mint! I’d love to know how you’re wearing mint and incorporating it into your wardrobe! Let me know below!

Mint is a simple color. Don’t complicate it…keep it simple!



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