What’s Your Favorite…

Hello Followers!

It has occurred to me I really don’t know all of you. Which may mean many of you not knowing me that well! Today I want to share with my loyal followers more about me. Who wants to follow a blog where they barely know the blogger?!

I am going to give you a list of some of my favorites! Feel free to weigh in via comments!!!

Name: Kathryn

Nicknames: Katie (family) Little (Big) Kath (roommates) KO (randoms)

Favorite Color: Pink and Gold! I know it sounds funny…but I can’t choose between them! I just love them both and they just so happen to be the main colors of my Lilly store!

Favorite Scent: Pumpkin. My mom recently surprised me with a brand new brown-sugary-pumpkin candle. I can’t wait to light it!

Favorite Meal: I’m a food addict. It’s so tough to choose just one meal! I go crazy for my dad’s homemade blueberry pancakes. I also always love a good salad. And homemade pizza!


Favorite Place: St. Thomas, USVI. With my family. Or maybe home. Or really wherever my family is.


Favorite Season: Fall. I loveeee summer weather but you can’t beat fall fashion!


Favorite TV Series: Revenge & Pretty Little Liars (haha guilty pleasure!)

Favorite Social Media: Twitter!!!

Favorite Magazine: Glamour. It has a great combination of fashion, health & exercise and girly advice. Plus I love the “Hey, it’s OK” page!


Favorite Designer: Lilly Pulitzer! And J.Crew! Those two should be life’s essentials!!!

Favorite Handbag: My monogram cross body, of course! But I am nothing without my totes!

photo 3-23

Favorite Shoes: My Frye boots. If they could talk they’d have many stories to tell!

Favorite Hat: My South Carolina hat. I got it when I went to visit my sister in Charleston. The bright color makes me happy and is always around to hide a bad hair day! Maybe one day I can finally go back…


Favorite Pants: Pixie pants! They provide the legging feeling without the guilt of wearing leggings to work every day! They have a zipper and they’re called pants. It’s justified!

Favorite Sweater: Heidi. She’s a Lilly and one of the best! It’s such a soft and warm blend I could probably live in it all season.


Favorite Fragrance: Love is Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret. I got this sweet and playful scent for Christmas and I am so in love! I feel like it fits my personality. I don’t even know how to explain it…smell for yourself!


Favorite T-shirt: My big/little letters!!! Last year my big had them made for us. They are way too cute and even have “Best New Big/Little 2011” embroidered on the sleeve!

Favorite Song: hahah if you knew me you would KNOW I can’t just choose one! I don’t think I could even make a Top Ten list!

Favorite Exercise: a nice refreshing run. It gives me time to clear my head and work up a sweat!

Favorite Jewelry: my monogram ring. It was given to my mom from her parents and then altered to my initials and given to me on my 18th birthday. The sentimental value makes the ring so much more special to me! I have been wearing it every day for almost two years and I feel completely wrong without it!


Favorite Quote: See below!


I hope you all enjoyed a few of my favorite things! Now that you know me…let me get to know you! Leave me comments below with some of your favorite things! Don’t be afraid if they differ from mine. I tend to think of myself as pretty open-minded!


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