He For She?

Happy start of the week! I have to first say happy belated to my adorable and sweet New York friend, Nicolina, who just celebrated her birthday Sunday! I hope it was wonderful and I miss you!!! I had to reuse a photo I’ve already posted because it’s my favorite of the two of us!


I am all about a sharp dressed man. I like a good shirt and tie. Can you blame me?

220px-Chace_Crawford_2012_Shankbone  Chase-Crawford

Who doesn’t love a nicely dressed Chace Crawford?! I have always been a fan of men’s shirts. They look crisp! Men’s fashion is so fun and inspiring. And I love the fact that women can pull it off too!

Mila Kunis Mens Shirts

My Chambray shirt (worn in one of my first posts) is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. Here’s a little recap of that outfit if you haven’t been reading from the beginning!


I love how it’s men-inspired but it’s fit for me! I always wanted to try the whole men’s shirt look but did NOT want to be known as the 5’3 girl wearing her 6’0 Dad’s shirts with leggings! I was so excited when J.Crew finally came out with this great piece!

My least favorite men-inspired fashion is boyfriend jeans. We allll remember them, right?! I just don’t understand why women would want to wear super baggy jeans? I feel it makes me personally look stout. But I mean…Megan Fox pulls them off. Of course!

Boyfriend-Jeans-women  megan-fox-boyfriend-jeans-new-3

Brands like Tory Burch and Michael Kors have come out with “boyfriend cardigans.” They look just like long cardigans (my favorite) and maybe just a little looser than a regular slim-fitting one.

tory-burch-pink-boyfriend-simone-cardigan-product-3-1450048-188922244_large_flex  _7257271

In conclusion, I think men-inspired fashion is a good look for women. The key is making sure it still fits to your body. Baggy just doesn’t flatter anyone! Dress for your body. Always.

Now a word from one of my favorite men and author F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is definitely someone I would have loved to have met.


Enjoy your Monday…it only gets better from here!


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