Put A Bow On It

A couple days ago I went into Georgetown with a few friends. We walked around, had lunch, shopped…but it was ten times better because it was in Georgetown! If I had the funds I would probably be living there now. It’s the perfect mix between classy and preppy, historic and modern and fun!

While we were shopping, I noticed a trend in many of the stores: bows! They are ultra feminine and make the whole look more playful. Whether it’s a bow bikini, bow ring or a simple blouse tied with a bow, it can add a lot more fun to your style.

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If you’re looking for a blouse with a bow, Lilly has a great option! The Austin Top is free and flow-y with a tie in the middle that looks fabulous when tied into a bow!


I also love dresses with bow detailing. It just makes your cocktail dress look so much more feminine!

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And who wouldn’t love these dreamy pair of Valentino’s?!


Lastly, if you’re not really into the whole bow-on-your-clothing look, I think a simple hair bow looks classy and sophisticated. Whether in a pony tail, bun or just plain down, a little bow can go a long way! I have found the best hair bows are on Etsy!


I hope you’re all having a bright and cheery Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!



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