Good Things Come in 6!

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday I wrote to you about things worse than the weather. I never meant it to seem pessimistic, only to look on the bright side of things!


I’m still a cross between optimist and realist. That’s the goal for 2013. To not only want and wish for better things to come my way, but to make them happen for myself. All of it starts with a positive mindset!


Today I would like to share six things I am loving right now!

1. Scarves. Yes, scarves are prominent all year round but right now I never leave the house without one and it gives me an excuse to buy a few more, right?


2. Fleece! It’s cold outside and the gyms are packed…what do you do? I run miles and errands in my fleece quarter zip! They make fancy ones by North Face and Patagonia but I get mine in the active-wear section at Target. I also live in my North Face zip-up this time of year. I’m sure they have cheaper ones that are just as warm, but mine has lasted me for years!

300 North-Face-Women's-Denali-Fleece-Jackets-Black

3. Strength and courage. Whether it’s in the gym or in your mind. I respect both. Yesterday I talked about how much I dislike pride. It’s one thing to be proud of a friend for doing well or yourself for achieving a goal. However, having too much pride can ruin your path of life. Courage is the opposite of pride. Have enough courage to not have to hide behind your pride.


4. Speaking of paths of life! I love Jeep. Preferably my Jeep Compass. She is beautiful and white and her name is Candice. Perfectly sporty yet super girly and a Lilly lover! The little speed bumps in the road of life are no match for me anymore.


I even got a little Lilly key ring!

photo 1-29

5. Clovers. Not the Irish ones, the open four-leaf clovers. Each of the four leaves represent love, hope, faith and luck. Four things I enjoy in my life! Why not have a simple necklace to remind me of these values? I found this one on Etsy by AlexisKJewels.


6. Puppy! I’m still at home (I could live here forever and probably will…) and have been enjoying my little puppy’s company and how photogenic she is! Don’t be scared…she’s just a 9-pound poodle!

photo 5-13  photo 1-30

I love being able to get back to the gym again! I can’t say I love the other hundred that have decided to join me…but I am happy there are people out there who stay true to their resolutions! Here’s an ending quote from my hometown gym! This stays true for exercise and hopefully your return to my blog!!!!

photo 2-27


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