Day Dress in Winter?!

When I was little I wore a dress every day. My sisters did too! I didn’t wear jeans until second grade! I wore sundresses all summer and velvety dresses with tights in the winter. I was able to pull off wearing dresses all year round as a little girl. That is something that shouldn’t change. Dresses in the colder seasons aren’t just meant for night time occasions with tights. That look is so adorable so continue! But I am going to show you how to wear a day dress in the winter. It can be done!

Long cardigans! They are every girl’s best friend. They look good on every body type when they hit just below the hips. Long cardigans are so versatile! In the summer I wear them with shorts and in the fall and winter I pair them with my jeans or leggings. They also look fantastic over a simple day dress!

denim-detox-0208-3-md  131097039123032697_gQCoou4n_b

Celebs do it too!

jessica_alba_printed_dress_sho d23bceb5b4109e87_Reese-Witherspoon

Another thing to add to your look is a skinny belt. You can choose to belt just the dress or add the cardigan along with it.  3579013_o7UdyDoE_c black-h-m-cardigan-pink-ardene-top-beige-ebay-dress-brown-ardene-belt-bl_400

If you’re not into that idea….

Scarves! If you’ve been a decent follower, you’ll know I am in love with scarves. I will try to make them work with anything and it’s usually very easy to succeed!

171277592050279681_yt5l62KU_c pippa-middleton-little-black-dress-ankle-boots-animal-print-scarf-sunglasses-leggy-2011-2

I love the way day dresses work with boots. You can wear riding boots or just little booties! I think it just depends on the occasion!

Now for my day dress look! I am wearing my Lilly heathered wheat Heidi cardigan, Shake It scarf, Mom’s gold belt, black cotton dress from Target (I have no shame!) and I borrowed my mom’s tan booties for the photo shoot! I apologize for the mirror selfies…winter break problems! They will not become a thing, I promise! The thing I like about this outfit besides the comfort and cuteness of it, is how I can wear it with either booties, riding boots or flats. For work today I’ll be wearing it with my Frye riding boots. I wasn’t kidding when I said I wear them every day!

IMG_3361 IMG_3358

I hope you all are enjoying what is left of winter break! If I didn’t live in the cutest house in Fairfax with the best roommates, I probably would have absolutely no reason to want to go back. Home is where the heart is. And the home-cooked meals!



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