Peek into Spring

One of my resolutions is to go to Fashion Week. I wish I could report saying I completed it but unfortunately not yet! The good news, however, is they have released the colors and trends for Spring 2013!

To keep with tradition, green is one of the colors for spring. Instead of just green, there were 3 shades chosen: emerald, grayed jade and a yellow-green they are calling tender shoots. I am excited because I believe these shades of greens will look good on every skin tone! Michael Kors even played around with jade and bright blues.

Image Image

Another color for spring is African violet. It is a nice dark-lavender color that is settle enough to be paired with trend color lemon zest or even dusk blue for a more low-key style. Here is an African violet-patterned shirt with poppy red heels for added color.


African violet also works well with all dark clothing for a casual and fun look. This model even added bright red lipstick.


Nectarine is meant to compliment the ever-so-popular coral we are all obsessed with. It can be used in replacement of the coral but why not combine?


I like lemon zest and how well it goes with blues!


I also find this patterned Oscar de la Renta dress so cute!


They are calling the neutral of spring to be a “linen” or khaki color. I am totally fine with this! I think it is such a good base color that won’t be overwhelmed by all the bright in colors.



And of course, floral will ALWAYS be in for spring! Spring is the season of rebirth. It would be wrong not to include floral!

I hope you all liked my preview of spring fashion! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to wear it! Winter should be limited to the holidays only and now that they are over I am READY for spring! I even heard birds chirping outside my window. Have a Wonderful Wednesday and don’t forget about your New Year’s resolutions!!!


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