2013 Challenge

Good Morning!

Today is a new day in a new year!

The flaw I have found with New Year’s is the crazy hype for perfect plans on New Year’s Eve. Here I am almost twenty years old and I still never seem to have those perfect, concrete plans that I imagined when I was younger. Last night made me realize I don’t need that! I got to bring in the new year with two of my roommates and several friends from school. I feel so fortunate to live so close to school so I’m never alone on break! Although I couldn’t be with all of my family and friends, the midnight texts reminded me I am still loved even when out of sight!

Image     Image Image

We got home early and watched parts of Pretty Woman. It had been on all day calling my name!


This morning I watched the Today show with my breakfast. I like to be informed on the news and current events, but I mainly enjoy watching Hoda & Kathie Lee drinking at 10 AM.


They had one of their assistant reporters going around the city asking people if they will keep their resolutions and which ones they plan on not keeping. When I made my 2013 to-do list there were none on their that I plan on skipping! If there were, I wouldn’t have added it in the first place. One of the women they interviewed was coming out of Sak’s with a shopping bag and said her resolution was to stop shopping. She didn’t even make it twelve hours! To show my seriousness about my resolutions, I will keep updates on this blog to show when I have completed them. It is my new 2013 Challenge! With that, I challenge all of you to keep your resolutions! Tell me when and how you completed yours. It isn’t a fresh start if you keep living in the way of your past!

I found this quote on Lilly Pulitzer’s Pinterest. Each day reminds me this job isn’t my dream job but my meant-to-be path.


One year ago today was the first day of my sister Lauren’s engagement. I remember how excited and happy my whole family was for her and her fiance! In just six short months we will be celebrating their wedding. I am still so happy for them both. I am excited for them to start a new chapter in their life with the first chapter of marriage. I can’t wait to go home later today and celebrate the New Year with my family. I’m sure they will all have resolutions but I don’t think they need to change a thing!

Happy New Year, followers!



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