Happy New Year’s Eve!

Now that I have given you My 12 of 2012, it is time for 13 Things I Want to Do in 2013. Maybe they won’t all happen this year, but I need some sort of guidance! This list starts TONIGHT at midnight and will end December 31, 2013!

Be more patient — this is probably something I should have tried 19 years ago. Patience is a virtue I have yet to learn.

Stress less — nobody needs stress in their life!

Eat lunch in Costco — I LOVE lunch at Wegman’s but I have yet to sit down and have lunch at Costco. It looks fun!

Go to Fashion Week — I love fashion so why not?


Get straight A’s — working hard can pay off!

Go to a Lilly party wearing Lilly — they always seem so fun and the Instagram photos make me jealous! I would be so honored to attend one!


Eat less desserts — my sweet tooth is my best friend and worst enemy

Go to the beach — this is going to use more effort this year since my sister no longer lives in Charleston! But she and I will have to go back to visit, right?


Try yoga — it can go along with my stress less! Since I run a lot and never stretch, yoga would probably be a good thing for me to try out!


Open my cooking horizons — in 2012 I learned to cook. In 2013 I want to cook more! I want to try new recipes and experiment with different ingredients! Yum!

Make every minute matter — even I’m guilty of taking of time for granted.

Do more, think less — over-thinking will get you nowhere except to more stress!


Let life happen — everything happens for a reason. Maybe I won’t understand it right away, but it has a meaning and one day I will find it. Hopefully that day will occur in 2013.

I am very excited for the New Year. 2012 was so great I just know it can only get better!



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