The 12 of 2012

2012 is coming to an end, but it’s been a great year! In 2012 I turned 19, began my sophomore year of college, changed my major (twice), got a job (twice), learned to cook, lived on my own (with my friends of course) and got the best grades of my life. I want to take today to reflect on all the great things I have experienced and learned in this year.

1. Actions speak louder than words. I know it should not have taken me almost twenty years to learn this simple lesson but it did! Talk is cheap, show me something that has worth!

2. Partying less = better grades. I experienced this one first hand! Thank you to everyone who did NOT have a party this semester leaving me in my house to do homework on Friday and Saturday nights!

3. Vertical stripes are not a good look. I’m not even sure who came up with the “they make you look taller” thing. I think they just look dumb.

4. I am easily surprised. My big sister has now surprised me on three separate occasions. My resolution: to get her back!

photolexbir 2 photobirt 1

photowol 3  wo

5. Lilly Pulitzer is a fantastic brand. It is so fun and cheery even as an employee! I love how the customers light up when they walk into the store and how excited they get when I show them merchandise. It is an overall thrilling experience! And who doesn’t love a girl with her own Barbie?!


6. I love meeting new people. Every year I have made new friends and do not plan on making 2013 any different! I enjoy adding new people into my life each and every day. Subtracting is what I have trouble with!

483590_10151315140385853_225546760_n  320665_10151351242611823_202619508_n

75293_10151190066094033_289476663_n  535709_4551173899396_658032681_n

541091_10151095542421596_512263211_n  545567_3191784204851_471176336_n

399930_10150535513681596_649582237_n  400110_10150457349411596_1540693797_n

527241_10151236344533478_1402775760_n  399778_2950697330960_360974144_n

7. You don’t really need an appendix! I finally was able to grasp the concept of letting go. Maybe emergency surgery on Christmas wasn’t the ideal way to go about it, but I did it! I am now living appendix-free!

8. Leopard will never go out of style! From Audrey Hepburn’s hat to Kim Kardashian’s clutch. As long as you don’t over do it, leopard will ALWAYS be fashionable.

tumblr_ll047sWWvo1qiuk7f  1292891_120410143008_Kim-KArdashian-leopard-clutch-2

9. Laughing is the best activity there is. Everyone looks pretty when they laugh and it can even be viewed as a form of exercise! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but I also try to never go a day without laughing.


10. Sometimes good-quality basics are all you need! I could live in my trusty Frye boots and my jacket to keep me warm. I pretty much do anyway!

fryemelissazip76431cognac__a   the north face denali fleece jacket TNF00001

11. For this lesson I learned, I have to turn to Christopher Robin. He may not know a lot about fashion, but he does know this!


I apply this quote to my every day life quite often! During my workouts, I can always lift more or run one more mile than I have led myself to believe. In school, I can always study harder or focus more than I tell myself. In fashion, I can always create more looks from the same clothing I already own! This is a great quote because it is true. Someone once told me everything in life is all mental. You just have to have a positive mindset to achieve success in your life.

12. The last and final lesson I will share is life’s a party, dress like it! I know it’s just a Lilly quote to some of you, followers, but it’s also a whole outlook on life. Every day is something that should be cherished and celebrated and shared with those you love. Old friends, new friends, family, coworkers. Every second of every day matters. My big says one thing is certain in life. Once a moment is gone, it’s gone forever. Don’t let the moments pass you by!

I hope you all enjoyed my 12 of 2012 and have a positive view on the upcoming year. Happy End of the Year, followers! I think this next year is going to be a good one!


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