Beautiful Blogger Award!

Happy Monday!

Special shout out to my roommate, Erika, on turning 20 yesterday!

I must thank Megan (runningonjava) for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I seriously feel so honored!


The rule is I have to tell seven facts about myself so here it goes.

1. I am a first-generation American on my dad’s side. He and his family came from Italy when he was a little baby. When we were young, my sisters and I were so sad to learn he could never be president of the United States (because every dad should run!) But now I love and embrace my heritage. My dad is the best man I will ever meet.

2. My iPhone auto-corrects Wegman’s and Panera to all caps. I get way too excited about these things which results in all my texts about them being in all caps. It only gets weird when I ask my roommates if they need anything from WEGMAN’S. My iPhone also auto-corrects waitlist to all caps but I’m not really sure how to explain that one.

3. I am really good at wasting brain space with remembering things I don’t need to remember. For example, birth dates, license plates, song lyrics and social security numbers (just kidding!)

4. I love bold colors. Working at Lilly has really helped me to express my love for bold colors even in the colder seasons. I never thought about wearing turquoise, pinks or bright colorful prints in December until Lilly showed me how!

5. I love sweets. I love to exercise. This water bottle describes my life as a joke.

love dessert

6. I’ve always wanted to work in fashion but never knew how. This blog and working at Lilly is my golden ticket in. I believe dreams without action just stay dreams. I took action.

7. Boys are stupid. I met a guy last night and he asked me what I wanted to do with my major. I told him I wanted to go into fashion. His response: “I guess you’re kind of fashionable, but if you are going to tell people you want to go into fashion you should probably try a little harder.” Um…excuse me?! I was wearing my Chambray shirt over leggings with a gold sparkly skinny belt. He was wearing a white t-shirt and cargo shorts. Get the frat out! Ha!

Thanks again Megan!

This weekend, I attended my big (sorority) sister’s Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. This year was extra special because Erika turned 20 at midnight!!!

Last year my big was upset when I didn’t show up in an ugly Christmas sweater, or a sweater at all! So this year, I tried to improve. While I still could not find a Christmas sweater, I made a tacky Christmas necklace! I took one of our plastic candy cane ornaments and tied it to a red with white polka dotted ribbon. I put a red bow in my hair and, hey, I am wearing a sweater!


Obviously Alex and Erika were much better at this than I was, but I tried right?!

Tis the season and I am about to take my second to last final! Yay!

I didn’t put this in my seven facts, but I enjoy being happy for my own benefit as well as the benefit of others. I think it is the best feeling to make someone smile or laugh or just have a better day. Maybe that’s why I am always looking to work in customer service! I aim to be the sunshine to brighten everyone’s day:)



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