My First Day of Lilly!

Yesterday morning the Lilly store finally opened its doors!

It is so exciting! Definitely check out the Lilly blog on for “more juice!” Unfortunately, I couldn’t work opening day due to finals but I will be there! As an employee, I got to go in the night before to make my first ever Lilly purchase!


As cute as the shopping bag is, I know you are dying to see what’s inside!


I finally got the Heidi sweater! I had my eye on it for so long but now it’s all mine! And the Shake It scarf to match! I like it with a white tank top underneath, pixie pants and my Fryes (as always!) This is my first day of work outfit!


I also got the Raleigh top in black! It’s hard to tell in the picture but it has a cute little bow in the front and tiny gold buttons!


Lastly, I got the Critter Earrings in gold! I love wearing stud earrings and I love gold jewelry. I thought these were perfect. I feel like a present when I wear them!

I found this on Glamour’s Pinterest. It is titled “Perfectly legitimate reason to go shopping no. 3” and it is oh so true!

Pinned Image


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