Only 3 More Thursday!

Hello! I am slightly excited because I only have three more finals left and I AM DONE FOR 2012!

I was worried about writing today because of the whole crazy-from-finals-and-no-sleep situation I have going on. I didn’t want to sound like a crazy person but let’s face it, I did that the first time I ever posted! Here is a photo of how I have been looking for the past couple days.

I am so excited for my finals to be over so it can feel like Christmas again! The hardest part about being a student is balancing Christmas and finals. It’s like we celebrate then study and cry our eyes out and then celebrate and then it’s Christmas! Luckily, Alpha House has been decorated for over a week now!


This little pink tree is our Barbie tree. It has vintage Barbie ornaments and a sparkly silver star on top!


Next is what I call our Classic Tree. It is a silver tinsel tree with turquoise, pink, purple and lime ornaments. It also has little colored candy canes scattered around!


A Disney Princess Tree! All of the Disney Princesses are here! Except Belle. She broke…metaphor to my life at the moment. Just kidding!!!! Finals are almost done!Image

Last, is our Christmas wreath! I love looking at it whenever I walk into the house. Our home is always filled with Christmas cheer and the smell of eggnog candles. What could be better?!

As much as I love dressing myself for Christmas, dressing up the house is the next best part! Getting festive for the holidays reminds me I will be home celebrating with my family soon!

I read on Megan’s blog (runningonjava) she’s been participating in the 25 Days of Blogging Challenge for Christmas!

challenge (1)

I know I missed the first 12 days, but I will do number 13 today! My favorite Christmas book is The Nutcracker. I remember reading it over and over when I was little. I wanted to be Clara so bad! She was so graceful and had a Nutcracker prince fighting for her against all the mice!

I haven’t seen the ballet, but that’s definitely on my Bucket List!

Enjoy your day and I hope all of you fellow students do well on your finals!



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