I Love Lucy (Hale)

Happy Tuesday!

I am always a fan of honesty, but there is one group of liars I can’t get enough of.

Pretty Little Liars Poster

Today I want to crush on Lucy Hale! Some of you probably know her better as Aria.

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I don’t know if any of you remember, but she actually ended up winning the show American Juniors!

She has definitely grown up since then!

   lucy hale

I love Lucy’s dark hair! It is one of her best qualities. Over the past 19 years of my life, I have grown to embrace my own dark hair. I am the only one in my family whose hair is not any form of light-brown/blonde. When I was young, my dark hair and olive skin were misunderstood and interpreted by my peers as “looking like Pocahontas.” This was always scarring to me since I’m definitely more of a Belle! Enough of me, today is about Lucy!

Her thick, dark hair has seemed to have never seen a bad hair day.

Pinned Image  Pinned Image Lucy Hale

She also has the bold lip look down!
Pinned Image   Pinned Image lucy hale

Also, who doesn’t have a crush on Ezra?! After the first season had just aired, I was working as a hostess in a restaurant. I remember the girl I was working with saying “Look over at that booth. Isn’t that the guy from Pretty Little Liars?” I thought she was A. joking or B. dumb. Nope! It was him!!!


I am not really sure what it is, but I have a thing for their forbidden love!

Lucy, like me, has such a young face but is actually older than a high school student! Pretty Little Liars has made her so much more famous and more eligible for roles. I have heard rumors she has expressed interest in starring in Fifty Shades of Grey. Her perfect hair and innocent look would be perfect for the role!

Lucy Hale  Lucy Hale is a Pretty Little Liar,Lucy Hale is a Pretty Little Liar  Pinned Image


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