Try It Thursday

Hello Happy Thursday!

I am so glad it’s finally here. Every day that goes by means one day closer to celebrating the holidays with my family!

As a youngest child, I hate being away from my family. I currently and probably will always live twenty minutes or less away from each family member. I love our close proximity even if we don’t get to see each other every day! It used to just be my family, but I now have noticed separation anxiety with my roommates. I have considered studying abroad but every single time I think to myself “wow, that’s a long time without seeing my family/friends” and I always make other excuses too! In conclusion, my friends and family are too good to me and I am a big a baby!

Speaking of separation, I want to apply it to fashion. Something I feel should NEVER be together is orange paired with green.


No matter how stylish and trendy it looks, I just think you look like a carrot!

It could also be that I don’t like carrots…unless they are smothered in peanut butter!

A look that is said to be separate in the past, has come around to be accepted. Pattern with pattern! We used to be told only one pattern per outfit but not anymore! If you are bold enough, like Blake Lively is, you can really make pattern on pattern work! This is my “Try It Thursday” challenge to you! Everyone needs a little challenge every not and then! Try mixing different patterns within one outfit. It’ll be fun!



As for me, I will one day learn to be adventurous and separate myself from my 20 minute proximity. I always keep this quote in mind:

My dreams are what are able to guide my life. My family and friends are the ones who believe I will go after my dreams and encourage me to do so, as I would for them. I am so thankful for that!


2 thoughts on “Try It Thursday

  1. I would never live far away from my family either, but it’s still fun to travel! I would never have seen Italy or San Francisco if I were afraid to put some distance between me and my family for a short while. No matter how amazing the city though, the best part is always coming home.

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