Work It Out Wednesday

Did you all watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night? I did! Candice is my favorite. She’s from South Africa like my big!

I was talking to one of my close guy friends who had absolutely no interest in watching it. He thinks there is nothing attractive about super skinny girls walking around in bras. Okay, so maybe we all have body image issues and maybe we are all just crazy. The VS Fashion Show turns out to be a bunch of girls crowding around TVs and then dieting for a week. Instead, why not be healthy and exercise? It’s safer and more fun! Today I am going to help you look cute while you are on your crazy hope-to-look-like-that diet!

Yesterday, the weather was so nice I decided to take a study break and run outside my neighborhood. The sun was shining and it was almost seventy degrees out! I felt just like Megan from runningonjava! Seriously, everyone should follow her. Eating right and exercising definitely ties into fashion. Nobody wants to be sporting a hospital gown! Stay healthy and follow Megan!

Back to my run, I had a fabulous time! I wore my active wear capri pants (from Aerie) and a neon yellow sorority bid day tank top. And then of course, my Nikes!

Aerie Slim Gym Skinny Crop Pant

I know running isn’t for everyone, but I love it because it helps me clear my mind. That being said, they say when you look better you feel better. I have found that when I wear cute clothes to work out I am more likely to stay at the gym longer and work out harder. Nobody wants to waste a cute outfit!

These pants I have had my eye on for EVER! They keep my legs warm which is great for this (soon-to-be) cold weather and fit just like leggings. Oh and they are from Target!

C9 by Champion® Women's Cold Weather Running Tight - Assorted Colors

Since they are black, I like to wear bright colors on top! The brightness in my shoes isn’t always enough for me.

C9 by Champion® Women's Premuim Tank - Assorted Colors   C9 by Champion® Womens Shapewear Tank - Assorted Colors

I love work out tops, but I also will wear a cute and bright sorority t-shirt depending on the last time I’ve done my laundry…

The other best item to have while working out…NORTS! Everyone knows and loves them and they sell them everywhere and you can have so many color options!


I even found a pair with a monogram on Pinterest!

However, it is getting cold so you’ll need something warm to go over your workout tops!

C9 by Champion® Women's Seamless 1/4 Zip Top - Assorted Colors    C9 by Champion® Women's Premium 1/4 Zip Jacket -  Assorted Colors

I found these (along with the tops) on the Target website. Target has great prices on active wear and it’s always so cute! However, I also love Nike (outlets or website), Dick’s, Lucy and Aerie. Now you have no excuse to not look cute either outside or at the gym!

One last quote to end the day…

I have always believed in strong, independent women. My major may be MRS but that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams of my own! I started this blog for a reason. Each day I write and see people read what I have to say empowers me.


3 thoughts on “Work It Out Wednesday

  1. YOUUU are lovely for mentioning me, thank you! I try to look stylish when I run – but I feel like I don’t. I’m a huge fan of Norts (have a drawer full) and rock them to the gym all the time! Yoga definitely allows me to be more fashionable…thank you Aerie! 🙂

  2. Once again, LINK these so I can look at them on Target! Links are the economy of the Internet.

    Good advice about working out! I’m inspired to go to the gym today, though you won’t catch me wearing norts in this weather!

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