Girl Crush Tuesday: LC Love

I’m sure everyone knows this by now…but a couple weeks ago I wrote about Kate Middleton. She is now PREGNANT! I will be filling you with updates of photos and her maternity fashion!

Today I want to talk about Lauren Conrad.

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We all first saw her on Laguna Beach back when she was popular girl LC in high school. I enjoyed watching her and her stupid high school drama with Kristin and the love and support from her best friend Lo. I was in middle school when this first came out. I thought my high school experience would be just like the show. SPOILER: it wasn’t and my life probably never will be! (except for the mean-girl high school drama. apparently you never get rid of that..)

She then moved to LA for fashion school which was exposed on The Hills. I loved meeting her new friends, new boys, new Chanel bag from that good-for-nothing Jason and her fashion internship at Teen Vogue!

She wrote a few books (I read a couple of them!) which showed how she viewed her time as a star of MTV.

I chose Lauren today because she is someone who has grown so much through her experiences. She has grown within her relationships, hair and fashion!

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I don’t know about you, but I remember having a huge crush on Stephen and HATING Kristin for stealing him! I was ALWAYS Team LC.


Oh and check out her bikini-ready body!

We have watched Lauren go through so much drama: some real and some dramatized by MTV. She was able to turn negatives into positives by growing and maturing from all of her situations. She focuses on what and who is important in her life and forgets the rest! Here is what is considered to be her favorite quote:

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Because she has overcome so many obstacles, she has several inspiring quotes for girls to relate to. She is so easy to relate to because she was just an average girl that made it big by getting onto a reality show. That could be me! Give me a reality show and I’ll get more quotable! I am able to relate to her quotes so easily so here are a few that I love!


Sorry for so many quotes (I love them!) but here is one last one that reminds me of her, me and hopefully all of you as well!


Happy Girl Crush Tuesday, followers!

amour xo


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