Smile It’s Sunday!

Sorry I took a little break from posting! It won’t happen again!

This weekend was super busy for me! Thursday I went to DC, Friday was my sorority semi-formal and Saturday I had my first day of work at Lilly!

I already shared pictures from my DC night in my last post. This post I want to show you what I (and some of my sorority sisters) wore to our semi!

If you don’t know I am a HUGE lover of the LBD than you are NOT a true fan! Here is a picture of my sorority sister, Lauren, and I in our LBDs!

I decided to wear a black one shoulder dress, black heels and big purple earrings for a little pop of color. And my lovely roomie Fay curled my hair for me since I don’t know how to do crazy things like hair! My other roommate let me borrow her sparkly gold purse! I love gold and sparkles. The only thing I didn’t plan on was not being able to see my earrings in any of the photos! I had my awesome date wear a black shirt with a purple date to match (and I just like the way that looks!)

We have a lot of pictures together, however that was the only one I could find and of course his seven foot big brother is creeping in the background.

As true with every semi-formal, a lot of sisters wore LBDs like myself my big and Lauren.

Other girls wore fun sparkles or bright colored dresses which I fell in love with. Everyone looked super glamorous and we all had such a good time!



Saturday, I started at Lilly! Everyone I work with is so fun and happy, just like the store! The grand opening is Wednesday and I literally cannot wait! The store looks beautiful! One of my tasks was folding these boxes together. Who wouldn’t love to find these under their tree?!

Use your Sunday wisely (national homework catch-up day) and just remember–the semester is almost over!!!

soo true


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