Finally Here Friday

Good Morning! I was actually able to sleep in a little bit today! That might be due to the fact I didn’t go to bed until suuuuper late! The club was fun but more importantly I was able to take pictures! I could only take before-pictures at my house and couldn’t get any in the club since like it’s dark in there…

One of the best parts of my night was when a boy came up to me and told me he had heard about my blog. I figured he had just seen it on Twitter or something but he told me he read it and really enjoyed it! I was so flattered! Seriously, any blog compliment is really able to make my day!


One of my sorority sisters and I! She chose the dress with a one-shoulder-long-sleeve and I had a skirt and a top! Erika let me borrow her long gold chain which I really think helped pull my whole look together (thank you!) And of course, we both wore heels so we didn’t have the child-size issue of last year!


And here is one of all of us. The lighting isn’t the best, but I would say I have some pretty stylish friends!

I hope all of you liked my helpful club tips and can see how my friends and I put them to good use! Even Selena Gomez looks completely classy but could definitely wear that out in DC.

Selena Gomez Clothes

Sorry Miley, but your Disney Channel Star rival beat you on this one!

In other news, I start my job at Lilly this weekend! I am sooo excited I can’t even contain myself! Next week I work a lot of hours which is good. It will keep me busy and off the streets or whatever else I do when I have too much time on my hands! I am on my way to living the full Lilly Life!

Tonight, is my sorority semi-formal and I couldn’t be more excited! I bought my dress on a whim yesterday so I hope it works out. I will DEFINITELY be sure to post a disgusting amount of photos ASAP! It’s Friday…get out and enjoy yourself!

Here’s one last little quote about de-stressing and moving on. I think everyone has a similar situation in their life

Pinned Image



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