Classy Club Attire Thursday


This morning was I think the fifth morning in a row I have not been able to sleep past 8:30! That’s what happens when I stay at home for a week. They train me to go to bed early and wake up early and now I can’t quit! But it isn’t a bad thing. I got up and went to the gym and came back here to have my breakfast and write, of course!
Today I am SUPER excited because in a few (long) hours I will be going to DC with Alpha Phi and Panhellenic sisters! (And of course some IFC men!) I’m hoping to take lots of photos to share with you all!
I was so glad to see such positive feedback about my Wednesday post! My mom told me she was wearing a black shirt and her teal scarf too (great minds think alike!) and I saw a sorority sister was wearing a similar outfit as well! My fashion is really meant to fit the true every-day kind of girl, like myself.
Since I know a lot of girls that will be joining me in DC tonight read my blog, I thought I’d share a little bit on appropriate club attire.
1. Clubs get hot (even when it’s cold outside) so skirts/shorts are ideal! Just make sure not to wear a super revealing top paired with a mini skirt. It’s just not a good look. Ever.
Pinned Image     Pinned Image

Even this week’s girl crush Mila Kunis wears cute club attire!

Pinned Image

2. Dresses are also a good idea! Long-sleeved ones usually end up being easy to dress up for a glamorous look out on the town! I found this one featuring two of my favorite colors: black & gold.

Pinned Image

3. You can never go wrong with leopard! By now you KNOW I love leopard pieces. Don’t overdo it…but a small bit (one piece or an accessory) can make your going-out look fun.

Pinned Image

4. Heels are a good thing! Last year, I went to a club with my friends for the first time. They all wore heels. I wore flats. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! I look back at all these pictures and I swear I resemble a child. Wear heels.


5. Feel comfortable. Obviously my fashion advice is never meant to be strict rules! You should always feel comfortable in anything you wear! Because as my (soon-to-be) good friend Harry Winston says…

Enjoy your Thursday and try not to miss me!

tu me manque


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