What I’m Wearing Wednesday

My dearest followers,

Today is a great day. I GOT THE JOB AT LILLY!!!!

I was finally starting to tell myself it was time to fill out other applications but last night I got the call! I was so excited and I OBVIOUSLY accepted! I’m not sure the exact date I start but I cannot WAIT!!!! On top of that, I got a call from my sorority’s Vice President of Marketing. She asked if I would be interested in being the Director or Social Media for the sorority (um….YES!!!!) I am so excited and feel so blessed. I have a job (OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!), a position (!!!), a loving family, wonderful friends and the best house in Fairfax. Everyone has been so supportive of me! I was able to get through my mini rough patch to get exactly where I wanted to be. I have had so much energy these past few days and the Alpha House is filled with positive vibes. (Must be Christmastime!)

One of my sorority sisters tweeted this the other day and I think it fits perfectly!

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”

It is sad some things have to fall apart, but that’s the way of life. You can have it all, just not all at the same time! (or maybe you can, I don’t really know!) Regardless, I am probably going to be super excited all day!!!

Today, I wanted to be comfortable and warm (it’s like winter out there!) I am sorry to admit my outfit is pretty plain today. I also try to dress nice for school but nothing too over the top! I am wearing jeggings, my Frye boots and a black long-sleeve v-neck. However, to add a little something extra (plus warmth) I am wearing my teal scarf my sister got for me when she traveled to Europe.


I love the way my teal scarf adds a pop of color to my plain black shirt! Colorful scarves can make the same impression as a statement necklace but is much more useful since it also provides warmth and comfort.

Like I said before, I went through bad days to get to my good days. We all go through it and you probably will too! Just remember, you will get through it and a colorful scarf is a great accessory!
And another thing to remember…

Pinned Image

Life is all about the lessons you learn. Whether it’s in relationships or fashion, it all helps us grow as people.

Now I must go officially accept my job offer and go onto living my Lilly Life!


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