Girl Crush Tuesday: Mila Kunis

Last night I could not sleep so instead of being upset and rolling around in bed, I woke up and smelled the coffee (literally, it’s caramel flavored!) I went to the gym and started my day off right! Even though it’s raining, I’m not going to let it bring me down and neither should you! The quote from yesterday really inspired me. You have to take responsibility and create your own happiness. My parents chose to live their lives in a positive light and I want to do the same. A few days ago, my gbig reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: “life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” I am the change in my life.One of the things I WON’T be changing is Girl Crush Tuesday! It’s one of my favorite days to write about!

The reason I post an inspirational quote at the end of every blog is because fashion is a mindset. Speaking of mindsets, let’s talk about a girl who always makes sure her attitude is shown through her fashion.

Today I want to talk about my long-time girl crush Mila Kunis. If you aren’t in love with her, there might be something wrong with you and you should get that checked out. We all remember her first being in That 70s Show as frizzy-hair and popular Jackie who got to kiss Ashton Kutcher on a daily basis (OMG LUCKY!)


Can you believe she was only thirteen when the show began???

After, she starred in crazy psychological Black Swan and the fun chick-flick Friends With Benefits. They say she weighed in the nineties for Black Swan.


I found she looked a lot healthier in FWB. The question during that film, however, was who was the chick: Mila or Justin? Sorry, N’Sync fans, I love him too but when did he get so feminine?! Mila was sooo much tougher than Justin throughout the entire film (even when she cried!) My LEAST favorite part was when she told Justin she’d stay busy by going to the gym and he called her bluff so she said he caught her, she wouldn’t go to the gym. BUT HER BODY IS PERFECT! I am also a huge fan of dark hair and hazel eyes 😉


That movie upset me because I feel like it was a ton of BS. I don’t think hooking up with a guy starts a loving, long-lasting relationship. We all know they definitely broke up after the last scene…(maybe I’ll write the sequel!)


This is NOT what “friends” look like.

Although we aren’t best friends yet, she seems like the kind of girl that you can always have a good laugh with. Even in Black Swan she was the more cheerful and seeking-fun character. In every role she plays, she always is fun and able to laugh at herself. You can even see her do that on the red carpet! She seems a little like a guy’s girl (able to make slightly crude jokes)

But a good humor isn’t always a bad thing…especially when you look like that!

Pinned Image  Pinned Image  

The reason I am super in love with Mila Kunis is not only her bad-ass attitude, but her looks and fashion are to die for! She always has a mysterious look to her while looking completely gorgeous. If it were up to me, she’d model in Cosmo every month. She would be perfect for the part!

Her fashion is very misleading. There are days when she is dripping in sex appeal and other times when she looks sweet and innocent. It shows she can feel comfortable in anything and still remain an individual. She doesn’t need a certain look to speak for her.


I love the way she looks in this Dior ad! It is so unlike her to portray this look, but it also shows how versatile she can be. I never see her look the same twice!

She looks sweet and happy with short hair, a bow and a big smile. However, her leather top shows she hasn’t lost her bad girl side!

Mila is the kind of girl that gets the attention from men and women without women hating her guts (entirely.) Just look at the way she is able to laugh on stage with Mark!


Mila seems like a fun stylish girl that can be so many things and never takes life too seriously. They say nobody should take life too seriously because you’ll never get out alive. Look for the fun in life and live by every moment! Plan for the future, but don’t get caught up in moving forward. Look around you and enjoy the moment you are currently in. Here is a cute little quote that I found fitting for today’s girl crush

Proverbs 31:25

May your life be filled with joy & laughter!

Happy Girl Crush Tuesday!


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