Sunny Start to the Week

Hello! Today is a good day. The sun is shining, I didn’t have trouble waking up AND I found out I am done with my finals a few days sooner than I originally thought!


I loveee happy, sun-shining days! I got a cute new puffer jacket with a HUGE discount yesterday (I’ve been needing one for years). Shopping causes endorphins and endorphins make me happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!

While I am the sister that just quotes the excellent films, my older sister has been making her way through law school. Apparently it’s not all cute pink outfits and scented resumes! The good news is she’s almost done and then she can be home with me!
Life is better when Orsini’s are together.

Back to my coat, it is a nice down jacket that is long enough to cover my butt, which I really like. My roommate said it’s good for “those days your leggings are a little see-through…” for those of you who don’t understand…Target leggings may be great but on some days they are not your best friend! I had never heard of the designer Andrew Marc for Marc New York before but a warm jacket at a decent price is good news to me!


Please excuse my hair and make-up less look. It was a Sunday night! Two of my roommates and I decided to go to Old Town Alexandria for dinner. It’s so pretty and lit up around this time of year!


One handbag trend I want to focus on is the long chain/strap look. It can be a crossbody, satchel or just a purse that comes with a long chain. A couple years ago after working crazy hours for a few weeks, I used my paycheck to buy this dream purse.

I love it because it is pretty timeless! I love the tan and gold combination with the links as well as the leather strap. It has the short strap to be held on my inner elbow or shoulder, and then also a long strap to be worn as cross body or just long near my hip. Convenience is something that RARELY goes out of style! Here are some more examples!


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Obviously I LOVE cross body bags (I asked for the monogram one for Christmas!) I love wearing it on my shoulder like Lo does in the photo above. I think it looks more casual and relaxed but with hints of sophistication. I am ALL about sophistication!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes I feel that way about handbags. They add so much to your outfit and say so much about the owner! My aunt uses little, tiny bags for evening purses. It says she doesn’t need to hold much but wants to carry a cute accessory! My sister uses a backpack that says she is a busy student with a lot to carry (hello, law school!) My other sister’s job focuses around her computer (she works for an online newspaper!) She carries a large tote for her laptop. That shows how her life involves virtual on-the-go. I like to carry my Longchamp to class when I don’t have to bring my laptop or textbooks. I think that says I like to carry things, but I’m in love with my turquoise Longchamp!

Okay, that last one wasn’t too serious! I don’t know how others interpret me when I walk around campus. My hope is my peers see me as stylish and fashionable while studios! But that is something I may never know!


I hope you are all enjoying this sunny day as much as I am! And for those of you who aren’t…change something! But if that doesn’t work, just remember you’re one day away from Girl Crush Tuesday! It’s going to be a good one!!!


3 thoughts on “Sunny Start to the Week

  1. Longchamps are my favorite! So expensive though. South Moon Under and Lou Lou’s in Reston Town Center have great knock-off versions. I have two fake larger totes and just got a smaller purse when I was home..definitely check it out!

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