“Dress Up Your Black” Friday

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! I had such a nice time. My whole family came over to our house for dinner. My mom is such a good cook (her stuffing is the BEST) and my dad makes an excellent turkey! Cooking isn’t really my thing, so I got to help set the table!


I loved seeing my whole family and being able to catch up, since I don’t really get to see everyone that often!

But Thanksgiving was yesterday, meaning Black Friday is today! While many of you may be sleeping from all-night shopping (hello crazy sorority sisters!) or out shopping now, I prefer to shop for Black Friday deals online. And of course there is always Cyber Monday!

In honor of Black Friday, I wanted to talk about black. Black can get so boring, especially around late-November, early-December. To get us out of our black ruts, here are some tips on how to keep it interesting!

1. Buy a cotton striped shirt. You’ve seen mine, I wore it underneath my red vest but it doesn’t just stop there! It’s such an inexpensive find and can go with almost anything! If you are used to wearing black on black on black, you can substitute one of those blacks for stripes. Here are two examples I found (via Pinterest of course!)
Pinned Image  Pinned Image

2. Add color to your LBD! This step sounds simple enough, right? We all know how obsessed with LBDs I am but even a girl like me can get bored so easily. While I LOVE wearing an LBD with nude or black pumps and gold jewelry, I also like to add color. The first color, able to compliment black so well, (my big would agree) is mint!

Pinned Image    Mint Briolette Bridesmaids necklaces! :  wedding bib necklace blue bridesmaids green ivory jewelry mint necklace seafoam silver statement neckalce teal Mint Necklace

Whether it’s just a pair of shoes, earrings or a statement necklace, mint can really transform the entire look of your LBD. Here is an entire outfit I found on Pinterest

Pinned Image

The next color I really like with black is purple. Not lavender but more of a bold purple. I recently got these earrings to dress up my plain black looks!

Since we know I’m a boring girl, I usually stop there and still would wear my black pumps. However, you can always go further! Purple pumps, necklaces, bows, etc.

my purple shoes!   

3. Accessories are your friend. Don’t be afraid to accessorize your outfit that consists of a black shirt, jeans and boots! Even if you’re just going to class there is always SOMETHING you can add! For example, why not a scarf? I love colorful scarves and they are so easy to find for inexpensive prices!

(Forever 21, $8.80)

Ikat Scarf (Francesca’s, $18.00)

Woven Infinity Scarf - Red (Target, $8.00)

Red may be boring, but I love the way it pops when paired with neutrals like black or tan!
(And it’s an infinity!)

4. Sparkle it up for the Holidays! Glitter can be SO fun especially around this time of year! So why not get some cute glittery pieces, either in black or can go with black, to update your wardrobe and take you from boring to fabulous one sequin at a time!

Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned Image  Pinned Image Pinned Image
5. The fifth and final tip I have for you today is to keep your black fun by trying out the new trends. I have had my eye on a few peplum LBDs for some time now…

Pinned Image 

And of course, why not try a black cross-back dress? I had a whole post on those!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmastime is on its way, I hope you all get some rest this weekend. It’s super crazy with all the deals, I know, but just remember to still be thankful for what you have during the craziness of that cashmere sweater you don’t need being forty percent off. Although I am not a huge fan of Bob Marley or anything (and he has no relevance to fashion) here is a quote by him that talks about worth. You, my followers, are all so worthy!



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