Something Old

Remember how on Sunday when I talked about short booties? Well look what I just found out Tory makes!!! Those would be a pretty big splurge, but a girl can dream right?


Enough of shoes for now, today I want to talk to talk about vintage. I feel vintage is also tied to the term “sophistication.”

I have always found vintage is a large part of sophistication. I read a book last summer called A Vintage Affair by Isbael Wolff. It followed the story of vintage clothing shop-owner Phoebe Swift in London. Phoebe loves vintage clothing and especially the stories behind the clothing. She meets an elderly French woman who allows Phoebe to dig through her past—through her clothing. Phoebe learns great stories about all the pain this woman went through. I found this novel is a great portrayal of how clothing is a statement. Each piece of clothing you own has a statement about you and a story behind it. We each share our stories every day when we get dressed. This is a great light read and did I mention it takes place in London?!

I have always felt Vogue does vintage the best. They even have collector’s items if you’re willing to pay over twenty dollars for a magazine. Since I am not willing, I prefer just looking at the vintage covers and photos.

Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned Image

Even girl-crush Kate Middleton dresses with vintage-inspiration!

A movie that does great things with vintage style is Down with Love starring Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. 
It is a romantic film that takes place in New York City during the 1960s when a feminist author and journalist falls for a man with a playboy lifestyle. Some say “the plot reflects the attitudes and behaviour of the early pre-sexual revolution 1960s; but, to some, may have an anachronistic conclusion, driven by more modern, post-feminist attitudes.” Regardless on your take on the movie, the vintage-inspired fashion is fabulous! Take a look…




 Obviously, my mom is way too young to be vintage. Since I am home for break, I took a few pictures of some of her older clothing which I found interesting…

Image ImageImage

This blue sparkle long-sleeve shirt looks like it could be brought back to style. It’s bottom hem has almost a peplum-look to it (although it is hard to tell in the photo!) While the peplum is not as dramatic, it could easily be altered if my mom was looking to sell/wear it again as a new style.

This next dress I swear I have photos of her wearing when I was a little girl. This dress was probably in style before the year 2000.


This dress looked great on her at the time, it was able to hug her petite body in all the right places to have her still looking like a sophisticated lady. The floral is back in (sort of) but that hemline…wow. To think that hemline was a style makes me a little sad. Honestly, if it had been an a-line instead, I would ask my mom to wear it again for something like Mother’s Day. My family would probably kill me if I put up a photo of a time when my mom wore this dress, so I will save myself the time and not even look. The 90s were not some of our best-looking times!

Lastly, this dress was not worn by my mom but my sisters and I. We were raised Catholic so we each needed a dress for First Communion. My grandmother, being the incredible woman she is, hand-sewed each of us a dress. Not to mention she used to sew dresses for my Bitty Baby and American Girl Dolls! This dress, although I PROBABLY will never wear it again, means a lot to me. The fact my grandmother made it and I remember just how proud my family was the day I wore it.


Vintage is more than just someone’s old clothes, it’s their story. Behind the floral dress, was a mother-of-three who wanted to feel good about herself while staying trendy in spring. Behind the hand-sewn Communion dress, is a little girl whose family cared about her so deeply for her first real religious event.

I hope this post didn’t get too sappy. Here’s a little quote to end my post. When I looked up “vintage quotes” on Google, it didn’t come up with quotes about vintage but some old-sayings instead. I kind of like that better anyway!

And here is a strong woman for all of you independent fashionistas!

With love until next time…


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