Girl Crush Tuesday: Kate Middleton

I have been trying to come up with themes for each day. It is hard so PLEASEEEE leave me feedback on what you would like to see more of! But today Tuesday is no longer Tuesday but rather Girl Crush Tuesday. I feel like this is one day I can never go wrong with! So far, I have talked about a few incredible (and beautiful) women: Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn and, most recently, Blake Lively. Today I want to talk about Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

First of all, she’s super gorgeous! She has all the qualities I love: tall, thin, brunette and SOO classy! She is a princess after all! (Just like me…or what I aspire to be!) Kate always carries herself with such grace and poise, as if she was born to be royal. She also is so close with her sister is something I admire because that’s a quality I share with my two sisters! I wouldn’t have my own blog if it weren’t for them!

The first time I saw Kate was right after the engagement to the prince on the cover of People magazine. I worked at the front desk of a gym all summer and tabloids and fashion magazines were my only saviors!


I have always wanted to travel to England, London or Oxford, to study and explore more of the fashion industry in another part of the world. Kate Middleton’s style is definitely such a good example of modern royalty in the UK. She keeps up with the latest trends and follows the key rules of nothing too tight or revealing. Her look has to appeal to people of all ages, from about four to ninety-nine. Her modest wardrobe is able to please them all as well as the fashion world.

Kate has a signature accessory she rarely goes out in public without: a cute little hat! While I’m not usually too crazy about hats, Kate is able to pull them off so well!

Kate Middleton exemplifies badge-wear every day. I want to talk about badge-wear. Every sorority girl knows what this is. Bade-wear is when we all dress up in appropriate formal attire complete with our sorority’s pin. My two roommates (who are in a different sorority) are required to wear badge-wear every Monday. Lucky for me, they let me take their picture and sometimes even let me help choose their outfit!!!!

Yesterday, Corrine let me help her choose her outfit! I chose her gray wool skirt with a plain navy blue shirt. Her gray wedges matched perfectly and I added her turquoise statement necklace just so the outfit didn’t look super plain. Corrine has such full and luscious hair; I feel it helps to complete her look!

I swear sometimes I have more fun dressing others than dressing myself! Especially people like my mom. I love going shopping with her, even if we are just looking for her. It’s so fun having her try on all my picks and she seriously looks amazing in everything. I really hope I will be the same way when I’m a mother!

Erika scheduled her forty classes all on one day—okay maybe not forty, but it definitely feels like it sometimes! Her badge-wear is more practical for her ten hour Mondays. She wears tan pants with a gray V-neck sweater, black flats and her J. Crew pea coat (the same as mine but in a different color) she is also wearing my headband in her hair that we both can’t get enough of. I’m still unsure why we have two separate closets—I think it’s only for space purposes—we share everything!

Kate and William have the true love fairytale. I am waiting until summer before I stalk up on my biographies and love stories to read before I buy a book on them. I always say I want a fairytale but I imagine it will be filled with a lot of pain and drama before I get to the fun love part. Here is a song I have recently discovered and sets the mood for my love story. I want a guy who is strong enough and loves me enough to fight for me. End of story.

The song is called “Crying On A Suitcase” by Casey James (

If Kate can find someone, I know I can find someone too! I haven’t found him yet, but he has to be out there. That goes for all my followers, too! I know it’s like over-due boyfriend season, but everything happens for the best for me and also for you! I love you all and keep reading my soon-to-be (if not already) pathetic posts and leave me feedback on what you like, what you don’t or whatever else you have to say!

One last thing before you go…a little Kate Middleton joke! You can find any of these around the Internet but here are a few of my favorites!


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