New York State of Mind

This morning I got ready super early so I decided to reward myself by going to Starbucks before class! My school literally has the smallest Starbucks for a population of 20,000 students. We have 2 Einstein Bagels and 1 Starbucks?! Well, anyway, I am sitting here writing with my Caramel Brulee Latte (recommended my Megan!) and I am loving all of the holiday decorations! From my holiday cup to the mini Christmas tree by the fireplace–Starbucks and I are BOTH ready for the holidays!


For some reason, the little Starbucks Christmas tree reminded me of New York which brings me to my topic of the day!

I want to write about a show that has been so popular (even after it ended) for so long: Sex and the City. I am currently in the process of writing a paper for my Communications Media and Society class about age in Hollywood. The girls of SATC may be old, but are still young at heart and still entertain every girl in America, including myself. We all love the glam, fashion and of course the New York scenes!  I see a little bit of my self in each character. Most recently, I have found I identify with columnist Carrie Bradshaw (did she start out with a fashion blog?!) She is single, clever and witty and always into fashion. I am single, I think I’m hilarious and I LOVE fashion! My roommate Erika is probably Charlotte. She is (practically) married and oh so classy! Her boyfriend (husband) let me be a third-wheel on their dessert date (I will do anything for dessert) and of course tried to talk up his single friend to set me up with (yay…) All jokes aside, I seriously love them both and I know they’ll be happy forever (as long as I’m a bridesmaid!)

Like I said, Carrie and her Big have an on-off relationship for about ten years. They go through all this drama including fighting, affairs and other men before they finally end up together.

Image  Image


I hope me going through my version of the plot is just a review because if you haven’t watched every episode at least twice I probably don’t know you…


Carrie is so easy to identify with because she is able to find the silly in the serious, like my fortune cookie says I can do too!


…in bed (fortune cookie jokes!!!!)

I find life is just so hard to take seriously so I like to add humor to it. SATC is such a good inspiration (most of the time) to girls like me who are still young and finding ourselves. They say girls go to New York for the two L’s: labels and love. I may not be in New York (yet?!) but I find the same thing to be true. I would love to shop around for labels (with my big bank account that does not exist) and find my true love. Lucky for me, I’m not even twenty yet so I have some time! All I want now is to enjoy the times I have with my sisters (sorority and Orsini) and friends! And to shop. Nothing is wrong with shopping. Ever. (even when you’re super pregnant like Charlotte)


Sex and the City has made me such more of a romantic than I was before. Then again, I was like sixteen when I started watching so I had no real romantic thoughts before then away.

  1. Carrie is in love with her Big. In the movie, she reads Love Letters of Great Men. When Big messes up, he e-mails her different letters from the book. After e-mailing so many, he finally e-mails one he wrote for her. It may not be as well-written as the others, but it came from his heart and what girl wouldn’t want that? I am still looking forward to reading these love letters…with a huge box of Godiva chocolates of course!Image
  2. Fashion changes but friends never go out of style. My family and friends have always stood by me in everything I do…I mean they are currently my only true viewers!
  3. You have to love yourself before someone else can love you. My roommate’s boyfriend told us a funny joke yesterday. He said boys think all girls want is to find their true love but all they really want is to eating without getting fat. Okay so BOTH are true! Yes, one day I hope to find someone who can love me for me and I can love him for him.
  4. One of my favorite Sex and the City quotes is when Samantha says, “I love you but I love me more.” It is seriously so true! You can’t give up on yourself for someone else. Isn’t that what motherhood is for? (Love you, Mom!) I have my dreams and he’ll have his. I can’t let a man get in the way of all that!
  5. Not every love story is a true fairytale.  Carrie and Big sought after each other and fought for ten years before they were able to settle down, Charlotte married someone else before she found Harry, Miranda got pregnant before the wedding and Samantha battled her love for her single life. Not one of these stories involves losing your shoe and your crush putting it on every woman before he finds you (please, I’d like to think of my feet being much more memorable than that!)

  6. Not every great proposal involves a diamond (Manolo Blahnik is an okay substitute!)
  7. Marry the man that would make a closet for you. Enough said right? So Big knew what Carrie loved and he knew what he was getting himself into. He went out of his way to build her a dream closet for her millions of shoes (unrealistic! She’s a columnist!) Anyway, he loved her enough to do that for her so marry him.

  8. Last but not least, the series/movie seriously has the best and most memorable quotes.

Hope you enjoyed this post and now want to watch every single SATC episode (again!!!!)


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