The Right to Shoes Sunday

Today I did something monumental in my life. I finally did it. I made a shoes Pinterest board! I titled it “The Right to Shoes” based off one of my favorite Marilyn quotes.

Like I said, it’s just one of my favorite quotes. I mean, how could a girl choose ONE favorite Marilyn Monroe quote?

Now back to shoes.

I will be the first to admit I am so soo boring when it comes to shoes. I literally wear my Frye boots every day. Every year I tell myself it’s because I don’t own enough shoes. Nope, that’s a lie. I choose one pair of shoes per season and wear them and pretty much nothing else.

Fall – Frye boots
Winter – Frye boots and Uggs
Spring – nude flats
Summer – my black pair of Rainbow flip-flops

However, if I wasn’t so boring and more adventurous I really would take advantage of wearing different shoes. For example, I love the way these shorter lace-up boots look with skinny jeans or leggings.

Steve Madden (Madden Girl)

These are made by Steve Madden. These booties with a little wedge are sold at Nordstrom but I know they have had copies at Target and other brands as well!

I find these booties to also go with skinny jeans or leggings, but can also be worn with a dress/skirt and tights. They are a little easier to dress up. And then for actual dressy booties I like these.

Kelly & Katie Elizabeth Bootie ($50) found on Polyvore

These booties are made by Kelly and Katie at DSW. The picture shows them in purple, but I prefer them in black. These shoes are great for dressier occasions like formal chapter or the holidays. They even look great with dress pants for work!

If I wasn’t so hung up on wearing my Frye boots every day, I would definitely get a pair of booties (or three).

Since I currently don’t own booties, I wear heels! Hard to admit as a sorority girl, but I only own two pairs of heels: black and nude patent leather.

My black ones: Image


And my nude ones (previously featured):


I joke about being embarrassed for only having two pairs, but in all honesty what more could I need? I find both pairs are very beneficial and utilitarian. I have never been in the kind of situation where I said to myself “oh why don’t I have those kind of heels too?!” (except while daydreaming on the third floor Nordstrom shoe department!)

I am a fashionista (hello, blog) but I also like to be practical. I only wear heels for certain occasions (formals, formal meetings, future job, holidays, etc.) that I do not feel the need to spend a great deal of time or money on them. I always talk about my Frye boots being my favorite staple item and that’s because they are most used in my wardrobe. Spoiler alert: I’m wearing them right now! Shoes can add a lot to your outfit, however, it is not necessary to have a different pair for every outfit. Unless you, like, can. Then it’s cool.

This is the closet of shoes my husband will buy for me.

my closet

Yes, that is on my “For The Home” Pinterest board. And while it may be nice, seriously my husband would have to have A LOT of various events for me to attend for me to need all those heels!

Before I sign out, these past few days have been rough for my roommates and I. It’s literally so annoying doing all this school work when all I want to do is eat turkey and fall asleep with my family. This has made my emotions a little crazy so here is a shout out to all the girls feeling like me. You may feel like watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” on repeat with a huge bucket of frosting and a decent-sized spoon….

…and with a puppy (or like ten)

..but hopefully this quote will empower you! It is yet another favorite of my quotes by Marilyn. It may be a little harsh but on some sad Sunday’s it’s just what I need to gulp down my (Starbucks) liquid courage and FINISH THAT PAPER!

Pinned Image

Remember, everything will get better. Just keep reading my blog and pinning! And never forget to keep dreaming. I know I am…about closets and closets of beautiful shoes.



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