Girl Crush Blake Lively

Today I want to talk about everyone’s current girl crush: Blake Lively. She is fun, down-to-earth and young blonde bombshell that none of us can seem to get enough of! And it also helps that she’s drop-dead gorgeous! Who would have ever thought Bridget from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants would make it so big?!

But in all honesty how could we not be obsessed?! I think what makes Blake stand out from the other blondes in Hollywood is her playful smile. She always looks like she’s having a blast no matter what she does. Her smile makes me wonder why she’s so happy and beautiful and what on earth she’s laughing about! It is so intriguing that it makes the audience wonder more about her.

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I’m not the only one obsessed with her…Chanel and Gucci both have her featured in their ads!

Her character on Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodson, has so much confidence and realizes she is the prettiest girl on the Upper East Side. Serena is sexy while fun, naive while smart and adventurous while cautious. While Blake does a phenomenal job of playing Serena on TV, I have a feeling her life is a little different. I read in a magazine article a few years ago she hates shaving her legs and only is concerned when the pedicure woman gives her leg massages. That statement–maybe a little gross–takes her down from celebrity status and makes her connect more to girls like me.

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But then in another article I read, she said she rarely works out and eats whatever she wants to keep her perfect body. Okay, so I am back to hating her.

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One of the main reasons she earned a spot on my blog is her Red Carpet Style! She is always dressed to the nine’s in the best dress for each occasion. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s tall and has awesome legs though…She is always able to find gowns that accentuate her best features while staying trendy and stylish. Here are a few photos to show you what I mean.

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These dresses accentuate Blake’s long legs and bikini-model torso. She also looks great in bright colors (definitely a Lilly girl!) Now that you can see all the dresses she wore to flatter her figure, let’s take a look at her not-so flattering dresses.

This tangerine color looks great on her! However, the neckline is a little too low and so is the hemline. Are there legs under there?!

Legs? Check! But where’s her awesome figure? it’s covered underneath all the unnecessary fabric.

This one once again has too much fabric. I understand she may have been going for a not-so-sexy but more modest look but that wasn’t the way to do it! She is so thin that the extra fabric just hangs too loosely on her.

The reason I found these not-so flattering dresses on Blake is not to show she isn’t gorgeous–she is!!!! It’s an example of how anyone can flatter their figure as long as you choose the right style! If you have short legs (like me) then you are more likely to flatter your figure with a short dress. If you’re into long dresses, then maybe a slit or something! One thing with this: you may LOVE your butt, legs and chest (and if you do, more power to you!!!) but please try to NOT accentuate all three at the same time! Choose maybe a form-fitting dress with a sweet-heart neckline or an even more modest neckline. There are so many options to choose from to flatter yourself..just choose wisely! Any of you can look just as good on the Red Carpet (or like an Olive Garden) as Blake Lively does!

Here is one last quote from Blake herself! Adieu my loyal followers!


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