The Creative Cross-Back

I finally decided to wear the new outfit I talked about from last week – the Pixie pants, striped shirt, vest and boots! When I walked into class, one of my friends said to me “you look cute. you should put that on your blog!” And thanks to my photographer roommates I finally was able to! I thought it was the perfect fall outfit for a sunny fall day! Just look at all those leaves around me! I used to think vests were stupid because they forget to cover your arms. It has kept me nice and toasty in this 40 degree fall-day. I take back my previous opinions—I LOVE my vest! It adds a very bright and colorful touch to my outfit without being too overpowering like a jacket would.

Image Image

However, when my friend said this I not only felt very cool and famous, but super guilty for taking a break from making new posts! This weekend was very crazy for me…but I know that’s no excuse! Today I want to talk about back details! This quote fits in PERFECTLY!

Pinned Image

I really like back detail. I always think it’s cool how a shirt or dress can be plain in the front but fun in the back! It is the perfect way to transition from day to night. You can wear a cross-back shirt with a blazer over it for day-time so it’s appropriate for class or work, then take the blazer off for a fun night look! Just add a necklace or other piece of statement jewelry! Here are some cool examples of cross-back clothing!

Pinned Image  Pinned Image Pinned ImagePinned Image Pinned Image

These are such good ideas for the day-to-night look! Here are some more glamorous evening dresses for a fun back. While these dresses are not exactly day-to-night, they are very elegant with a modest front and not-so modest back.

Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned Image

The cross-back dress is an updated stylish version of the modest black dress. It can be appropriate for any occasion as long as it is worn tastefully. There is a strict rule for cocktail dresses: choose front or back. For example, you can’t have a low-cut front with a cross or low-cut back. Keep your look classy and only choose one side to expose!!!

Here’s a little quote to remember until next time! I will try not to stay away for too long again!


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