Is Fashion Hereditary?

As a Communications major, I get to take a bunch of communication electives. One interesting one I am in right now is called Media and Society. Just recently, we were assigned a group project about sex displays in the media. My group chose TV and compared sex in Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990s) to 90210 (2008). It was very fascinating to research! After my presentation, a girl in my class said she and her dad would sit and watch 90210 together with cocktails. I found this very strange coming from a conservative family. I would feel weird watching teenage sex shows with my parents! She said to me “we had very different upbringings.” This got me to thinking, what else does upbringing affect?

To test if upbringing affects fashion sense and style, I decided to interview my older sister! Lauren influenced the start to my blog because of her own as the Otaku Journalist (check out her blog! In my family we call her the expert-blogger and queen of the nerds! (read her blog to find out why!!!!) Lauren and I are six years apart but were raised in the same house, by the same parents in the same location. I asked her a few questions to see if her fashion and style were similar to mine.

1. What is your favorite Fall 2012 trend?

Colorful faux fur accessories. Fur is both glamorous and cozy at the same time, perfect for colder weather. Plus, bright colors and patterns make it impossible to mistake your fake stuff for the real thing. Here’s a picture of my comfy fur coat:

Got a faux fur coat for Christmas. I feel glamorous all the time now.
2. What is one clothing item you could not live without?

An over-sized cotton scarf. It’s the right weight for all four seasons. On summer nights it’s big enough to use as a shawl, and in winter you can triple wrap it around your neck. I have a scarf like this I love so much, it’s in almost all my online photos!
3. Do you prefer short boots or tall riding boots?

Short boots, especially with a chunky heel. You can wear them under skinny jeans and a graphic tee or with a dress and colorful tights. I don’t think you can dress tall boots up or down the same way—they’re always casual, I think.

casual fall day
4. What is your favorite accessory?

This is tough because I already told you about my essential scarf!
5. If you could only wear one makeup item, which would it be?

My Mac Zoom Lash mascara. It makes it look like I’m wearing false eyelashes without all the work and completely transforms my face.
6. Describe your ideal fall every-day outfit.

A colorful scarf, layered clothes, layered legwear, and chunky boots. Here’s a photo of one of my favorite fall outfits:

This is what I wore to go with John to Georgetown to buy cupcakes, shop for new apartment furniture, eat amazing food at Taste of Georgetown, and get stung by a yellow jacket while eating a (wait for it) Bee Sting pastry from Baked and Wired.
7. Who is your favorite designer? (handbags, clothing, etc.)

Kate Spade. I love how this brand makes bright colors and bows look sophisticated instead of childish.
8. What is your favorite fashion quote?
“It’s better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk.” —Rachel Zoe. I definitely take this quote to heart! I’d rather have one $200 handbag that I can use forever than a $30 one that’s just going to fall apart.

As it turns out, Lauren and I do not have matching fashion sense but very similar! We both agree on over-sized scarves, Kate Spade (she is definitely one of my top 5 designers!) and the Rachel Zoe quote about quality. However, I love jewel-tone green this season, tall riding boots and could not live without lipstick! Although we differ, we have similar taste on what looks good. My sister obviously has great style, just look at her pictures!

So while upbringing may affect the way we view sex in the media, it does not exactly affect our style. Style is proven to be unique, for one person only. But isn’t that what also makes it appealing? The fact that your style is something personal and exclusive only to you makes it THAT much more special! And now for a couple quotes to inspire you…until next time!

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