Steps to My Dream Job

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have an interview at Lilly Pulitzer Thursday morning! I am very excited because I LOVEE to work!!! I used to fear being done with school because I couldn’t imagine having a job forever, but now I seriously can’t wait to begin working again. Before college and my unemployed college girl budget, I was a working-two-jobs high school student. I loved the thrill of making my own money. I felt a sense of independence and never felt a sense of guilt when I spent my hard-earned money on what I wanted (clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.) This quote from Gossip Girl season 2 is something I love because it reminds me of what I want/have done (without the privileged part)


“You might be privileged, Blair, but you have worked for every single thing you have achieved”

I feel this is like me because I do work for what I have. I work to maintain good relationships with my family and people I care about, I work hard in school so I can get good grades and graduate on time (or early) with the career of my dreams, I work(ed) to make my own money to buy my own materialistic items and lastly, I work hard to create outfits based upon my basic staple items combined with inexpensive accessories for my followers to enjoy!

In my first post, I mentioned my Frye boots, Longchamp and Tory bag are some of my favorite items. These are not typical things for people to just go out and buy. These are three important things to me because I am able to wear them year after year and they’ll never go out of style! I swear eating and breathing will go out of style before my Longchamp does! (websites like will have flash sales on Longchamp and other big brand names—even Lilly Pulitzer!—for the same quality at a much more affordable cost)

Since I want to get back into work, I need to dress the part! Lilly Pulitzer is more than just a brand, but a fun lifestyle. Lilly screams fun and colorful and flirty. She was able to take fashion and make it fun! Check out these quotes I found on Lilly’s Pinterest on how other people feel about the brand!


Classy is also something that NEVER goes out of style! The fashion of a Lilly girl is based off the personality of Lilly: spontaneous, fun, and colorful. Lilly was the kind of girl that when life gave her lemons, she made a juice stand!


I took a lot of time thinking exactly what I wanted to wear to this interview. Fashion is the biggest impression you can make on a person, it’s how you wish to present yourself to society. I want to channel exactly what it means to be a Lilly girl!


First I decided on a navy blue skirt with a brown braided belt, a salmon pink tank top and a lime green long cardigan. Since Lilly prints are always so colorful, I wanted to dress colorful!


I decided to wear it with my neutral super-old DSW flats that have been through SO much with me! Since my outfit was already colorful, I thought neutral accessories could tone it down.


Lastly, I wore neutral accessories (my watch, ring, bracelet) and decided to paint my nails a pretty magenta (OPI Miami Beat) to once again, go with Lilly’s colorful vibe!


This outfit isn’t set in stone so PLEASEEE leave me comments if you think there is anything I should add/change/remove!!!!

While on my daily (hourly) Pinterest break, I found this cool pin to a site about job interviews! Here is a link for some helpful tips for an interview!

Wish me luck with my interview and I wish you all luck as well for achieving your goals! Lastly, it’s ELECTION DAY! DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! I did!!! My first time voting so I had to dress patriotic in my red, white & blue!



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