Love to Lace

Today I wanted to start my blog with a very cute (and honest) Kate Spade quote.

We all can say we played dress up when we were little, but can we admit to doing it now? I think I dress up on a daily basis! Fashion is my enjoyment and my fun!Each day when I choose my outfit, expression of the day, it is meant to be fun like this picture

Pinned Image

not stressful like this picture!

No kidding!!!! Lol

One of my favorite fabrics to dress up in is: LACE

It has come to my attention that lace has not been getting the love it deserves! My roommate (Corrine) and I decided there are two negative assumptions associated with lace

1. It’s too old-fashioned and old-ladylike

2. It’s too sexy

These assumptions are…WRONGGG! I LOVE lace, especially when it’s colored! I am a big fan of black lace especially! It is able to be dressed up and casual depending on the accessories! Here are a  picture of my sorority sisters and me last year at one of our philanthropy events:

I wore this shirt with dark skinny jeans, heels and gold jewelry (including hanging earrings) to take it from casual to more dressy and feminine.

I find lace to be a very feminine element in a look. It works so well, like most things, in small doses! I feel only one piece in an outfit should be lace. One of my favorite looks is neutral lace (black, white, ivory, etc.) paired with colorful clothing like shown in most of the pictures!

Pink Pin's on Sunday's in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! nice white top girly pinks & lace  Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage knows how to work a lace LBD.  coral blazer with white lace underneath lace Coral + Mint, created by kathryn-orsini on Polyvorestraight up style

Lace is something that should be girly and fun, suitable for girls and women of any age, not either old lady or sex kitten!

I hope I have been able to change your perspective on lace and given you good outfit ideas in order for you all to love to lace!!! Lace tops/dresses/skirts are soooo easy to find! Stores like Forever 21, Target, Francesca’s and SEVERAL others carry lace since it is still so in-style from last spring! Remember–anyone can pull it off just as long as you wear it well with the right clothing and accessories to complete it! I will leave you with this last vintage glamorous photo

This is so fabulous

Au revoir my dear followers!


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