What’s Hot Now!

I am obviously very interested in keeping up with what’s in style. However, it’s not just clothes that always count for style! Today I am going to talk about my favorite things (clothing, accessories, songs, etc.) that are in right now.

1. Puffer Vests! Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew both came out with such cute vests for the cold weather we have coming at us. I love how both models wear them with stripes underneath. I think black and white or any neutral colored patterns (stripes, polka dots) underneath a colored-vest look so stylish while being SO comfy! The Lilly ones have different patterns on the inside for a tasteful Lilly touch!!!



2. Card Case for the iPhone! Although I LOVEEEE handbags, I don’t always carry one with me (example: school, parties) so I have really been obsessed with my iPhone case that has a cardholder! Currently I have this less than $2 one from Amazon that I put my Etsy monogram sticker on to dress it up! I’m hoping to upgrade to the Lilly card holder in my favorite print (which you already know!)


3. Headbands! We all know the girl who is really able to make headbands happen..Blair Waldorf! She always had different but gorgeous hairstyles with a headband to add a little bit of fun to her look! Over the summer, my mom and I found this great headband that Erika (roommate) and I literally try to incorporate it into every outfit! I love the neutral mixed with the touch of cranberry. Last is my crochet bow earwarmer headband. I found it on Etsy from a woman Rebekah H who is so sweet and obviously so talented! I think I look like a silly little girl but Corrine (roommate) thinks it’s cute!


4. Lipstick! Many of my friends (and followers) think lipstick is something of the past or something only cheerleaders wear! Well, times are changing! At least in my mind! Yes, I was a cheerleader for a year but that is not when I found my love for lipstick! My mom wears it and got me into it! And no, my mom is NOT in the past. For Christmas, my mom gets my 2 older sisters and I a free gift from Clinique which ALWAYS includes lipstick!!! I love having a little color on my lips (emphasis on little, overdoing lipstick is just not cute. sorry.) I think it completes ANY look I’m going with, makes my teeth look a little whiter, my smile bigger and my whole completed look just a little bit better! I would have to say lipstick is the makeup I can’t live without. Go for a natural-ish color that makes your lips pop! Go for a look like Marilyn Monroe not Marilyn Manson! Before you judge me, try it for yourself!!! Our moms are definitely onto something!


5. Songs That I Would Play-Super-Loud-All-Day-And-Night-On-Repeat-If-I-Lived-Alone (PS. I love my roommates <3) These are the greatest songs of right now according to Kathryn Orsini.

Die Young by Kesha – this song is so fun and upbeat I literally jam out to this every morning it’s on the radio no matter how early it is! It gets me so pumped and ready to begin my day on a positive note even though it’s about….dying?

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by Luke Bryan – first of all, he is so cute. I enjoy seeing his photo when I YouTube or Pandora this song. Secondly, it kind of has a sad theme but sounds so sweet! I come from a very northern family so I can’t say they’ll approve of my newfound love of country music but I will admit I watched the CMA’s last night and was so happy Miranda won which brings me to my next song!

Fastest Girl in Town by Miranda Lambert – as a runner, I like to tell myself I’m the fastest girl in THIS town! But on a serious note, I love an upbeat song from a woman that just loves to have fun.

Finally Found You by Enrique Iglesias – this is yet another upbeat song that I am in love with! I feel so energized and ready to run even further when this song comes on my iPod! I swear I couldn’t get through a 5k without hearing this.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite in style obsessions of the week! Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight and I’ll post you something good tomorrow!!!


2 thoughts on “What’s Hot Now!

  1. I love lipstick, a little or a lot! I am so excited it’s almost the holiday season so I can bust out my red lipstick again.

    It’d be awesome if you would start linking to the sites where these things come from so I can window shop!

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