Live a Lilly Life!

Today I want to talk about one of my FAVORITE designers Lilly Pulitzer. I chose today for two reasons:

1. Our trick-or-treaters (a few little girls and a little boy) commented on how cute our Lilly curtains are

2. I applied for a job at the new store and got an e-mail saying they’re interested in interviewing me!!!

The brand began when newlywed sorority girl Lilly Pulitzer started a juice stand. She created colorful patterned clothing to disguise the juice stains. The patterns became so popular and are made today into dresses, skirts, scarves, cups, phone cases, etc.

Lilly now even makes a whole sorority line! Here is my beloved sorority Alpha Phi’s print:

In my sorority, we get littles as well as nieces which is just like a second little. Our tradition is to make our nieces a letters blanket before initiation! Since my niece is the most precious niece EVER I got her a Lilly print letters blanket and matching up!


She LOVESSS her blanket and cup! (more confirmation she is the BEST niece!!!!) This print is called Azalea Pink May Flowers. Although it is not an Alpha Phi print, we have a store near campus that does letters for Greek organizations and also sells Lilly so they’ll put our letters on any Lilly product! Here is just a little cute picture of me and my precious niece! She’s the tall beauty in the red dress!


My roommates and I truly live a Lilly life! We call our house the Alpha House because out of the 4 of us two of us are in Alpha Phi and the other two are in Alpha Omicron Pi! (Aren’t we just SO Panhellenic?!) Our landlord (aka my roommate Erika’s mom) is not only a landlord and real estate agent but is also a decorator and used Lilly fabrics to decorate our entire house! Here are some pictures of our beautiful Alpha House!


Our living room! We have Lilly print canvases, pillows and coasters (all crafted by Erika, her mom and my other roommate, Fay!)


Our super cute curtains our trick-or-treaters loved!


My bedroom! Lilly valence (thanks to Erika’s mom!!!!) matches perfectly with all my crafts my big made me! As you may have noticed in my earlier blog featuring my model roommate Corrine, we each have the same Lilly print valence but in different colors! Mine is pink (of courseeee!) so it matches everything else in my room…literally everything else!

Lilly does such a good job with patterns and colors that is able to make fashion FUN! I am loving her new collection. Here is the Delia dress:

Pinned Image

I am also obsessing over this cross body bag! I love anything gold (or pink!) so this bag is definitley my type! (Christmas gift Orsini family?!?!?)

Run Around Clutch

Here is one of my favorite pictures I found on Pinterest (through Erika Eva’s AWESOME Lilly board)
 It is able to combine my two loves: Lilly and Tory! (and Jacks which hopefully I will have one day!)

Pinned Image

Another photo I have shows how obsessed we are with Lilly in the Alpha House! Erika and I were doing homework in our Lilly clad living room


Yes! Her AOII Lilly cup matches her laptop background! Too cute for words!

I hope you all liked my Lilly spotlight and wish me luck on my interview!!!
Here are some last words for us to part with until next time…

Pinned Image


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