Sunday Brunch!

This morning my roommate and I woke up at 8 to do the Goblin Gallop 5k benefiting children with cancer. It’s always feels great to help others! To celebrate, we went out to brunch to Bonefish (they just started brunch and it was soooo delicious!!!) with both our parents. Since it was Sunday brunch I wanted to look cute without getting too dressy and over the top! I settled with a nice fall every-day outfit: jeans, tank top, cardigan, scarf and boots…and of course my Tory Burch tote! I am OBSESSED!





I am so happy green is in this year! A nice jewel-tone green looks good on everyone! I love pairing it with my Forever 21 cheetah scarf for a complete in-style fall look! I am in Alpha Phi sorority and I must say some of the best advice my big sister ever told me was how it is possible to turn every scarf into an infinity scarf! All you have to do is diagonally tie the fringe or the ends of the scarf together and you’re set! You will see I LOVEE infinity scarves and most of them are regular scarves I tied myself!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I will post all of my outfits this week and comment below to let me know what you wore for your Sunday brunch or which fashion trends you’d like to see!


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