Good in Red

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday as you all know was Columbus Day. I always remember the holiday because of the song I learned about Christopher Columbus in elementary school music class:

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

Christopher Columbus, Christopher Columbus

He was a man

My sisters and I still sing it. Thank you, public school!!!

More importantly! This week is Clue Week in my sorority! I am ecstatic to get a little sister and a second niece! More on this later…

I am all about timeless fashion and traditions. One of my favorite for fall is red lips.


I currently am using Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet. There are so many other types you can try too! I just try not to spend too much on my lipstick since I switch it up every other week!!!

What better way to top off your cheetah/leopard look than with a stand-out red lip??


In the wise words of Gwyneth Paltrow:


4 more days til the weekend:)


I Guess You Could Say…

I’ve been super MIA. Summer is not my ideal fashion time! I think I wore crop tops or shorts during the times I wasn’t wearing a bikini! Fall is here and boots are back. Ask me how pumped I am…I’m pumped!!!

I guess you could say…water is in style? So far this semester I’ve gone to more themed parties than regular style parties. Over the weekend I went to an “E” themed party where everyone dressed up like something that started with E.


I was Evian water. Slogan of the night: Don’t tell me you’re drinking Dasani.

I guess you could say…flower headbands are in. Obviously I wasn’t alive during the ’70s when this was the look: floral. But for my bid day (Rushed the Rest, Picked the Best) we got to make our own flower headbands for a down-to-earth celebration!



I guess you could say…the little black dress will never go out of style. But you should already know that! Even the least expensive LBDs look so classy and glamorous when paired with the right shoes and accessories! I’m a huge fan of LBDs with nude pumps and gold or colored jewelry!


Trust me I am trying to get into colored dresses this semester!!!

I guess you could say…I’m kind of obsessed with cobalt blue. And I know I’m not the only one!


Whether it’s a bag, shoes, shirt, dress, jacket or scarf, this color goes well with almost everything! It really pops with neutrals and somehow can be pulled off with other bold colors too!

I guess you could say…junior year is hard. But that’s also because I saved my science general requirement for this semester! I’m getting through it but hopefully I am back for good. I wasn’t really into this whole leave of absence. Fashion first, right?!?

Perfect quote for those of you also working hard and stressing over that one biology quiz that just doesn’t seem to make sense!!!


I guess you could say…I missed this<3

Cheetahs Never Prosper

I finally got to check another thing off my Summer 2013 To-Do List: Go to a beach!



The sand may have been weirdly orange (like a cheetah?) and it may have just been a small beach/park next to the Bay Bridge, but I got the two things I wanted: a tan and memories. I’m fortunate to have such fun and spontaneous friends!!!!

The night before our beach day, my stylish friends Sophia & Caili and I decided to go out on the town!!! After a few failed attempts, we were able to get a cute picture together!


Age update: Happy Birthday to my pledge sister and good friend Sophia!!! She’s finally 21!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate!

Fashion update: bright coral, fiery red and leopard are still sooo relevant for the current/upcoming seasons! Did I mention how well they go together? And I don’t just mean in the same picture!!!


Tory Burch comes out with new animal print shoes each season. This fall she has two styles!


Out of all the animal prints, I like cheetah the best! For the good deals on cheetah/animal print I suggest Forever 21.


I had such a fabulous weekend! It made me so grateful for my fun friends, caring family and my ever-growing wardrobe!


KO Takes NY

After months of telling my parents I’m moving to New York City (false, obviously, my shopping habits keep me broke until further notice) they decided to treat me and take me for the weekend! (Thanks Mom & Dad!) It was hot, crowded and so alive! Everything Northern VA is NOT! We had such a great time being able to walk to anything! We got to see glamorous shops and streets I had only seen on Gossip Girl. I felt like a true city girl. A little tourist-y but it’s hard to blend into Times Square!

IMG_3351 IMG_3352


Hershey and M&M world! (and of course brought back fresh peanut butter m&ms)

IMG_3370 IMG_3372

Played Where’s Waldo? in Times Square. We all lost.


Central Park! In a crop top;)

IMG_3367 IMG_3390

Wicked on Broadway!!!!

IMG_3388 IMG_3387 IMG_3386 IMG_3396

And walked around all the necessary stores including Bloomingdale’s Flagship and the same Tiffany & Co. as Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast and one of my favorite summer-reads Summer at Tiffany!

I had a wonderful time visiting the city! If it weren’t for my insufficient funds I’d be living in the penthouse right now!

But who knows what the future holds? Maybe My Fair Fashion will have to re-locate to Madison Avenue 🙂


Cream of the Crop (Top)

This summer has been HOT! Luckily, the fashion trends of this season have been able to accommodate for our weather conditions. Two words: crop top. I know you might be thinking “yeah I go to the gym but I’m not ready for my bellybutton to show all the time.”

Good news! The 2013 crop top is different than the ones Kirsten Dunst wore in “Bring It On” circa 2000.

2000_Bring_It_On_148 2000_Bring_It_On_187

This modern trend is less about the bellybutton and more about your upper-midriff. EVERYONE has a lovely upper midriff!


1006157_10151521523237393_880902725_n 1016256_10151501889711596_969470182_n

They look awesome with circle/skater skirts and high-waisted shorts!

Here’s how the models are wearing them!

2b2b997f909dc7bc461db5a2c8b6cde0 47c9431f57550eb39ba716d1b44042a8 88b4c259287af1e089b74b9abce6da42

Since the crop top is short and tight, make sure you pair it with full-coverage shorts or an appropriate-length skirt! (Maxis and high-low skirts are always a good option too!) Add wedges and some fun jewelry and you’re good to go!

Looking for a good crop top? Try this, this, this, or this!

Need a good circle/skater skirt? Try this, this, or this!

Embrace your body and rock this look! Let your midriff (and heart) be freeee!


What Have I Done So Far?!

What have I done this summer?

Hmmm…besides my Communication Internship I also have a side MRS Internship in which I go to at least one grocery store a day and unload the dishwasher six times a week. Just kidding! It’s called living with my parents! I’m always happy to help them out because they do the same for me. And somehow haven’t gotten sick of it after 20 years?!

There are perks to dish duties and grocery shopping…I’ve gotten pool time! My time has been split between my parents’ house and Alpha House. The only complaint is I need 2 wardrobes!!!


A few weekends ago I babysat Maggie! While I do love her, I don’t like being woken up by her barking in the middle of the night.


I tried the high-low skirt look! It’s a little more extreme than my dress! A mirror pic. My apologies.


I wore my mint high-low dress to my big (sorority) sister’s graduation party!!! So proud of her:)

phoalexgradto 2 photalexgrado 1

I was in Vogue!


…or something like that!

I’ve always been giving back. Since I have some free time, I’m trying to volunteer this summer. A lot of different organizations need any help they can get and they’re so easy to find! Why not give back!? Yesterday I worked with Girls on the Run at the Fairfax Fair and saw this guy!

phocamelto 3

A camel in VA!


One Down Two to Go!

Wow I’ve been gone for a while! I have a pretty valid excuse: my oldest sister got married! As co-Maid of Honor with my other sister Alexandra, we helped the MOB (Mother of Bride) and FOB (Father of Bride) plan this wedding!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIt all turned out so well! My sister was beyond happy in my mother’s wedding dress (no alternations!!!!) Lauren got her perfect husband, John, and Alexandra and I got a brother!

I had so much fun I’m already ready for the next wedding. I always need an excuse to put on a cocktail dress!

This wedding also reminded me what a great family I have. My sister is so compassionate, caring and always willing to give. I am so happy she found a man who is willing to treat her well. My parents have the biggest hearts ever. They held it together during the whole wedding and have provided such love and support to everyone during the whole process. Some of us have tendencies to freak out over the small stuff. Alexandra is always able to find a simple solution while keeping so calm. It such a reassuring feeling.

My sister and her new husband are so in love! I found this quote which I think can describe their marriage very simply.


Summer Starts Now

…or when all of my friends come home

My friends all went to Beach Week. You can expect many blog posts due to my recent abandonment. While they’re gone, I’ll be using my time wisely!

This morning my dad and I woke up quarter to 7 (that’s AM) to work out before our Sunday morning blueberry pancake breakfast. Who knew I could be so productive before 10 AM?

I titled my last post “Summer Nights.” Now that you know what to wear, what will you do?! I’ve made my Summer 2013 List!

These are just some things I hope to do before I start my third year of college. Yup, I didn’t flunk out!!!!

1. See Gatsby. I’m ashamed I haven’t seen it yet. The book is my favorite work of literature and I’ve never seen any of the film interpretations. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is on my grandma’s list of approved husbands. So there’s that.


2. Capital Bikeshare. It’s a bucket-list thing for me. I want to bike around Georgetown and then enjoy some Pinkberry!


3. Outdoor movies. DC does Screen on the Green. I’ve never been! Why not try it?! I’m sure I could even involve Pinkberry and a really cute pair of shorts.

4. Go to a beach. Enough said. I just have so many bikinis worth sharing with the open sea…not bitter or anything about Beach Week….

5. Segway Tour! My dad is always all about this idea. I think it’s so futuristic looking and who knows, it could be a good time.


6. Read books. This is something I sadly forgot to do last summer! I finished school and jumped right into a summer class. My brain was still melting by mid-July.

7. Monuments by Moonlight Tour. On a clear summer night with a gentle breeze I enjoy looking at the stars!


8. Shopping. I use my blog as an excuse. How will I write about the trends when I’m not wearing them?

The list is only growing. Summer has just begun! I will not let the fact my roommates work 40 hours a week ruin our summer fun! Only young once and only summer for three months.


Summer Nights

First and foremost..


Last night I got to go out with some of my girls before they leave me to go to Beach Week and I’m stuck here. Alone….

I have so much fun whenever we go out together and don’t think we go out enough! I’m sure my bank account begs to differ but that is why bank accounts do not talk. Or blog. That would just be dangerous.


My older sister is SO good at pulling off the peplum with dark skinny jeans (jeggings in my case) look so I wanted to give it a try too! My entire outfit is from Express. I had a coupon! And if you sign up for their e-mails you can get 15% off!!!

Lucky for me, these jeans were on sale + my coupon! Hello great deal on jean leggings!

The top is such a cute addition to have in my wardrobe! It’s so simple and colorful. I’ll be able to re-wear it with different accessories for a whole new look!

Last night I went with my usual jewelry, MK watch, monogram ring and my delicate open clover necklace. I dressed it up with tan wedges from DSW. I’m sure they have many similar pairs! I got them a couple of years ago. I feel so much better in wedges! It gives me that 1-2.5 inch height difference and it’s like I’m on top of the world!

It’s summer. Listen to Hemingway and go out and live!!!! Happy Weekend:)


Live Carefree, Not Careless

Well it’s that time again! The time where I don’t sit in lectures, take notes, pretend to pay attention to a group presentation while really on Pinterest or blogging (just kidding!) I’m finally done with my second year of college!!!!


Now it’s time for some carefree living while I wait for all of my teachers to post my grades. Since it’s summer and I care about fashion and my image yet I want to remain the feeling of free, why not throw on a day dress?

My favorite are from Forever 21 and Target. They know all about the carefree lifestyle I’m after!


Here’s some ideas from Pinterest!


Yes, summer should be carefree and fun but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your excellent taste in fashion! Day dresses and day-into-night dresses just make it easier! It says “I didn’t really want to put too much effort into this but I still look cute!” Or something similar..

Well I’m off to take my grandmother to lunch in a day dress of my own! I’ll post pictures later!